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DUST OFF THE RACKS (Part Two: Lyrics)

BURIED (Can You Hear)

Produced, engineered, and mixed by AG
Recorded at Barely There Studio (Southwest, KY) July - October 2021. ALL SONGS WRITTEN BY ADAM GAITHER (©2021 SMASH ADDAMS MUSIC) except "Away With Words" (©2021 Adam Gaither / Paul Goggins); contains interpolations of "YOU AND ME (Weren't Meant to Be)" by The Low Standards. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Original album art by Eric Seaburg, 2004.


Do you remember the words we said?

It wasn't written down; so here goes off the top of my head

I was lost in the past, but not the future I'd have known

The lights went out and all I see is the writing on the wall

CHORUS: And when I'm in bed, thoughts of you run through my head

I'm so alone. So are you. But you and me weren't meant to be, yeah.

<Guitar solo>

Do you remember the words we said?

I hadn't written them down

I still (It won't help me forget)

Haven't written them down 

Repeat chorus; then:

2nd CHORUS:  And there's no dial tone 

When you smashed me in the head as you threw yer phone

Like Johnny Thunders would know

So do you

But you and me weren't meant to be.


Felt so bad

Like nothing's ever looking up for me again

Friends all glad?

They don't like it when I seem too happy

PRE-CHORUS: I'm not gonna kill myself today

Even though that's something I might say

1st CHORUS : I was high ahn forever

Ahn that day (Something about the way she looked at me)

 I was high ahn forever

Ahn that day

Tastes so bad; bittersweet 

When you do all of the math

Like a tear in my soul

It's a bat in a cave, this bottomless hole

<Repeat Pre-Chorus>

2nd CHORUS: Let's get high ahn forever ahn the way

We can cry there together miles away

Screamin' ninety miles an hour down the highway

Screamin' ninety miles an hour down the highway

I'm dustin' off the racks 

Wash the blood from underneath my tracks 

I'm dustin' off the racks 

Wash the blood from underneath my tracks 


The more we try the less we learn

I made you cry without saying a word

That's what I did to you; twist and turn

I really miss the way you twist and turn.

CHORUS: (The more we try the less we learn) I really miss the way 

You twist and turn the knife on me (There's something in yer eyes)

And it seems you look right through me

Can't help yourself

Won't be forgiven; the way you lied

Like the beauty I thought you had inside

And for what you've done

Taken all and leaving none?

Two minus one and it's done.

I really miss the way you twist and turn the knife ahn me

I miss the way yer kisses burn like gasoline

(Another man is in yer eyes) I can see right thru yer lies

BURIED (Can You Hear)

Here I lie, frost on the ground.

Come back haunted

Feels so bitter how it's so sweet

Does yer life taste how you wanted it to be?

(My love is) Buried here

The forsaken light?

It's so near and yet so far away



November's child

Something was born 

But something inside of me died

I turned around and everyone was gone (Everyone was gone)

I turned around and everyone was gone

Everyone was gone  (Everyone was gone)

Everyone was gone

December's cold

And it feels like a blizzard is in my life

But ah (still) feel a fire in my soul

I'll quantum leap 'til I'm sure that I'm satisfied

Life is so cheap 

Whether yer sure or not

I think I'm qualified

I think I'm qualified for something

September boys got it so bad (October girls, the December boys) 

Don't talk about nothin' (They say it's nothin') 

March right down to the April showers (In May yer mother died).


Ah try to live above hell

That's why ah guess I'll keep ahn wishing you well

Now yer below me

Are ya cryin' and lonely?

The people in my past are fading from view

There's some I'd like to say 'I'm sorry'

And to some 'fuck you, too'

What are ya gonna do?

Is there anybody out there ah should be talkin' to?

Cos there's pain that uses you

And there's the pain that you use

Ah didn't mean to hurt you at all

The pain we choose leaves our hearts broke and confused

Guitar solo

But we still try to live above hell

So however you are livin'

Ah hope you do it well  (Om, well to live above hell)

Yer below me (My will is well, my will could sail)

Left you behind (Om, well to live above hell)

Yer not the only one (My will is well, my will could sail)

Left you behind  (Live above hell)

Left behind.


When you think yer gonna die yesterday

Today it seems so sweet

You can lose yer shit tomorrow

Today's no day to fall apart

Between hope & caution

And everything between

Twisting and turning with the fire ahn these wheels

When yer exhausted with the life, I hope you know

Don't keep yer eyes closed

Realize what you want to say

When the night are bittersweet

And look out for tomorrow

Today's no way to end, start again

When yer exhausted with these things

In yer mind, I hope you know

No matter if you stay or go

Whether it's yes or no if yer there

Just know that I love you so

Between hope and caution and everything between

Lost in that headspace

How far away it all feels

If yer exhausted with these things in yer mind

I hope you know every time

You stay or go

Whether it's yes or no

Just know

That I love you so!

When you think yer gonna die yesterday

Today it seems so suh-weet

Guitar solo

Between hope and caution and everything between

Twisting and turning with the fires on these wheels

Twisting and turning with the fires on these wheels

If yer exhausted with this life I hope you know

Don't keep yer eyes closed!


You said you weren't just like the others

Honestly I forgot to ask you that

Why didn't you save me some time?

I could've been runnin'

Just like the others you broke my heart

Just like the others

Time for a brand new start


Why now?

As yer glow finally fades

Big red sun rising out of the dark

Blinding me with its rays

I've been up for days

Waiting for the night to come

But whatever you want, it's a mirage

It must be a mirage I see

Yeah, that's it.

Is it a mirage I see?

CHORUS: Catch a falling star in yer life

Burning up yer hands

Saw a shooting star speeding by with other plans

When the moon was in the water you were holding my hand

I look up at the stars and I don't understand

So low I had to sink into the sand

Before I reached out to the first hand 

Pullin' me up, but she was weighing me down

Smiling through that golden frown

Hesitating the next move

We've only just begun a mirage

Must be a mirage they see

But I'll gladly take yer charity

Repeat chorus 2x

Why then did I get so tall in these tales?

Too much pride I thought was wind in my sails

Blinded me with rage, undermined in vain

I was just a mirage getting in yer way

Getting in yer way

Getting in yer way

How did I get so tall in these tales?

Blinded me with rage

Undermined in vain

Getting in yer way

Getting in yer way

Repeat chorus then:

I don't understand?

I don't understand!


Seems so clear to me now

I wanted something 

But I didn't know how to fly

When I spread my wings; I always die in my sleep

Guitar solo  (So clear now I see) 

I see the writing on the wall

Well I think I'm gonna give it mah best shot

And a kiss before I go

There's nothing left to say to you now

And you wouldn't recognize me no more.




Passing cars in this life 

Make moving targets 

For vultures in the light

Sharpening their teeth, with those beady eyes

CHORUS: But you can't walk and not run

You can't lie out in the sun

Lossed faces in yer mind lookin' ahn

Voices in your head?

Everyone inside of me is dead

Everyone inside, everyone inside of me, everyone inside of me....(is dead)

They say I'm too different, people

Maybe more than some

The ones who like destruction 

Walk in the dark

White noise with black ties

Cheap dresses and lies

No disguise (no disguise)

Look in yer eyes, I see.


BRIDGE: Said I don't know who you are

The mirror just laughed and said

"You are the one who doesn't function"

I smashed him in his face (yeah)

Tracing back the seven years of lines on my face

(Ahhhh, ahhh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh, ahhh, etc.)

Guitar solo

Speeding cars I tried to jump out

Moving targets those vultures drive

Punched a hole in my wall

Leaned to the side, so not to fall

Leaned to the side not to fall  (Leaned to the side so not to fall)

Lean to the side (So as not to fall)


Give me a dime

Thanks for letting me make the call

I'll give you everything that I got

Are you sure you can carry it all?

I wouldn't blame you at all

At the time it was the thing to do

Knockin' down the walls

To be with you (To be with you)

Give me a year

Sorry for the tears and the easy rhymes

Bottles of wine on the floor

Burning in the memories you'd swore we'd been in


Davenport's freezing and the ghosts are out tonight

We drink and we cry while I pass out 

And lie to myself some more

That I'm not crazy

When you're runnin' out the door

Give me a nickel

Thanks for softening the blow

When life's crushing you, too

You keep on seeing me through

And I can't ever regret loving you


I'll give you my life and keep yours, too

Our family is the only thing that is true

So let me give the world to you; I got it for a steal!

Let me give the world to you

You can trust me, this is real.

This is real.

(Let me give the world to you).

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals, V/VI [imagined 2xLP]

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

V/VI  (2011)

Only one song has leaked (in unfinished form) from the V sessions. Ryan Adams once mentioned in 2007 (regarding the follow-up to Easy Tiger) "a double album with me sharing lead vocals with Neal [Casal]"; however, none of the other Cardinals has ever mentioned this nor has Jamie C. But obviously recordings for a follow-up to Cardinology was in the works. I think 'Dear Impossible' had been scrapped at this point. There's no tracklist or anything. I just threw some Cardinology-era tracks and the Class Mythology stuff together with some of the leaked tracks by Future and Tomorrowland St. (YouTube). I threw a couple songs Neal did with Jon Graboff on his Roots & Wings album as a nod to the 2xLP that-never-was. For the live disc, I sourced the Trouble on Wheels (2006-07) soundboard boot. This isn't too hard to put together. Ryan being a big Dead fan would prob dig the live/studio double album concept. Imagine this released in 2011 instead of Class Mythology as a way to 'tie up the loose ends'; Cheers!

44 minutes
  1. STEREO SWEETS*     [In the Shadows: Anthology bootleg**]
  6. JUDY GARLAND (She Turns It Up to Ten)
  10. ONE OF US IS THE SUCKER (And the Other One Gets To Play)

-------------Most live tracks sourced from the soundboard bootleg, Trouble on Wheels: Live 2006-07-------------

STUDIO: 38 minutes (Tracks sourced from Class Mythology 2 x E.P. except where notated)

  1. THE LOSING END AGAIN*   [Roots & Wings - Neal Casal]
  2. ANYTHING BUT NO**   [Color Bars  bootleg]
  3. LIGHTHOUSES**    [Ratt Classics, vol. II  bootleg]
  4. HEARTBREAKER**   [Color Bars  bootleg]
  5. COLOUR OF PAIN        [Cardinology bonus track]
  8. HEAVY ORANGE       [Cardinology bonus 7-inch]
  9. ASTEROID    [Cardinology bonus 7-inch]
  11. GO AHEAD AND RAIN*  (digital 45 version)
  12. CHASING HER GHOST*    [Roots & Wings - Neal Casal]
  13. IN THE MEADOW**   [Tomorrowland St. - YouTube]

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

SAD DRACULA, 'Fasterpiece' [re-imagined 2xLP]

35 songs recorded supposedly on the 4th of July, 2006. 24 songs have surfaced (counting these two albums); plus "To Phil, With Love From Ryan" and "Dear Diary" (III/IV demo) which were released on the digital Warren Peace E.P. along with "Movie Stars Hurt", "Ultraviolet Light / Time Machine" (remixed for III/IV) and "Fire and Ice" (later released on ORION). Most of the songs sound like (and are) demos for Blackhole or songs from the shelved War & Peace and Star Wars (Cardinals III) albums Lost Highway rejected that year. Ryan also recorded 5 songs with Phil Lesh, as well. Ryan and The Cardinals also would record IV, COLOR BARS and RATT CLASSICS, II which would be rejected as a double album (III/IV). Eventually 60 songs were whittled down 'DEMOLITION style' to 13-- and we got EASY TIGER in 2007.

Sad Dracula


1 VALHALLA   (War & Peace outtake?)

 2 CALIFORNIA GASOLINE  (Blackhole demo?)

 3 LOST AND FOUND  (Blackhole demo? later released with new vocal as digital 45)

4 SOS   (Blackhole demo)

5 SARAH   (Blackhole demo)

6 IT ENDS THE WAY IT STARTED   (f/k/a "Black Hole"; title track?)

7 OBLIVION   (Blackhole demo)

8 F U WAIT    (War & Peace, different mix)

9 CLOSURE    (Blackhole demo)

10 STARFIRE    (Blackhole demo)

11 WAITING FOR THE SUN   (Blackhole demo)

12 ON FIRE  (previously recorded for Saturday Night Fever Blister)


14 PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES   (Blackhole demo)

15 THE SONGS   (Blackhole demo; previously recorded with different arrangement for JCN?)

16 ACTORS ON ACTORS    (War and Peace outtake?)

17 TEMPORARY VAMPIRES   (Blackhole demo?)

18 STEVE MILLER & WEED   (f/k/a "Lions of Broadway"; previously recorded with diff lyrics for Darkbreaker)

19 I WAS NEVER THERE   (Blackhole demo; re-recorded with new lyrics as "Dear Candy" from III/IV)

20 BE CAREFUL   (a/k/a "Eviction Notice" from War and Peace; different mix)

21 DESTROY YOURSELF   (possible JCN or Star Wars outtake)

22 4th OF JULY   (demo of "Sweet Dreams" from War & Peace)

23 UNTIL THEN   (Blackhole demo?)

Sunday, September 12, 2021

RYAN ADAMS, Destroyer [imagined LP]


Credits for the cover art I guess are by this guy.

Ryan Adams 


You didn't think I forgot about this one, did you?  I played Heartbreaker; Love is Hell; Suicide Handbook48 Hours, all the leaked 2000-01 sessions and Pinkhearts (THANK YOU, LOST HIGHWAY...but also..NO 20/20. WHAT A CATCH 22?! I hate numbers. There's too many of them); Cold RosesJCN and 29; Gold, Demolition and RNR---and yes, even Easy Tiger--I mean played them front to back the FUCK out. Whiskeytown, too. OF COURSE. I got a little weary of Cardinology and his post-2010 output; that's WHY I started this blog in the first place, lol. Well that and lack of anything else to do, constructively or creative wise. I personally didn't care for much of Destroyer; too slow...weird versions of Heartbreaker tunes, etc. THIS is just MY own personal tastes. I found Heartbreaker a little inconsistent for the 'big breakup record' it is. I think my reconstructed version of THAT one flows better. The remaining songs were far from shite. I just didn't have anywhere to put them; then it hit me. So I combined and re-sequenced them to fit between Heartbreaker and Suicide Handbook. 

Maybe Bloodshot could've put this out as a second album? I think Ryan decided to scrap the Destroyer demos and start over; good decision. The excuse then was "Geffen/Interscope wants to claim the recordings" (though I'm pretty sure Interscope would've kept him if THEY wanted to)---he had previously almost signed with A&M after the band broke-up the first time (he and Phil W. were the first two members to sign with Outpost...then, Caitlin came back---Skillet got 'demoted', lol). The alt-country 'fad' didn't become the big cheese the industry thought grunge was; Outpost Recordings folded. Whiskeytown's last album was shelved (the 20 song double LP that later was remixed by RA and Ethan Johns--Pneumonia). The band played two sets on New Year's Eve, 1999 (supposedly both Faithless Street and Stranger's Almanac were played in full with original members switching in and out). Ryan sang his own rendition of "Matrimony" at the gig after Caitlin's version ('in honor of Caitlin and Skillet getting married!'). 

1999 had been an uneventful year if you hadn't yet heard of Ryan Adams the solo artist. A few solo acoustic gigs; some recording sessions (FUCKER demos) and the "lost" rarity that was SNOW KOBRA. Haven't heard it. It's supposed be pretty heavy, angry and loud stuff ("Inspired by the bucolic features of Jacksonville" to paraphrase an interview from around that time)! 

Monday, August 30, 2021

RYAN ADAMS AND THE CARDINALS, "Color Bars" [imagined LP]


According to reddit: '[YouTube user] Future posted "Heartbreaker", "Anything But No" and "Juliette" but then removed it after Ryan's management requested that it and the (amazing) Rat Classics 2 tracks be removed.' These are leftovers from 'The Complete Easy Tiger Sessions (2006-07); a few appeared in some form on Easy Tiger; most belatedly included on the 2010 release of III/IV (the band had four different albums at one point). "The Rat Classics 2 tracks are, I think, from August 06 or later in the Easy Tiger sessions. Maybe Color Bars is aka the elusive Rat Classics 1? It would make sense. In other words, there's no RC 1, but rather a promo called Color Bars. Rat Classics 2 riffed off the sequel idea but is also saying that these are other tracks from the same period. Odd that these exist, but I hope we get more from them. "Black Myrtle", a removed Youtube from RC 2, along with the RC 2 "People Make Mistakes" - (continued) quote from reddit user Disink. Thank you to the OP, Adamamericana (no relation, lol) for the info! This isn't too hard to put (a version) together. Use the III/IV tracks, the Future YT leaked tracks and live versions of "Judy Garland" and "Party Clown". I used "Sewers at the Bottom of The Wishing Well" on my version of the Star Wars LP (2006) and "Halloweenhead" on Easy Tiger; "Roach Heaven"?  I have never heard of before. 

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

COLOR BARS  (2011)

Anything But No


Gracie    [Star Wars*]

Roach Heaven*

These Girls



The Crystal Skull

Stop Playin’ with My Heart

Halloween Head    [Easy Tiger]

Judy Garland (She Turns It Up to Ten)*

Ultraviolet Lights   

Pussy Cat, Funny Face*

The Sewers at the Bottom of the Wishing Well    [Star Wars*]

Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.

Have you heard me?

Thursday, August 12, 2021

RYAN ADAMS, "Blackhole" [imagined LP]


Blackhole  (2015)

Compilation includes the three leaked songs: "The Door", "Catherine" and "Likening Love To War"; "Tomorrowland" and "Disco Queen" (2010 digital singles); earlier versions of songs re-recorded for Sad Dracula albums to compensate for the non-circulating tracks--"Sarah"; "It Ends the Way it Started" (possibly f.k.a. "Black Hole"), "Oblivion", "Lost and Found" and clips of "The Vanishing" and "White Light" that leaked a few years ago (the latter two from the 2010 sessions). Re-sequenced and some audio enhancements have been made. The other eight songs from the album have not leaked besides "Tomorrowland". "Just You Wait" (f.k.a. "F U Wait"), "For the Sun" (a.k.a. "Waiting for the Sun"), "StarFire" and "S.O.S" (possibly "Help Us") are different recordings from their SD counterparts. "Just You Wait" was also previously recorded for the shelved War and Peace double album in 2006. Several songs have since disappeared from the album's projected tracklist since the additional 2012-13 recording sessions at Pax-Am when the album's direction changed to "the album I knew I would be getting divorced" (2021 quote from RA). Screenshots of two earlier tracklists have leaked feature different songs "Thunderclouds" (possibly an earlier version of "Asteroid" from the 2010 sessions); "When You're There", etc. Clips of "The Vanishing", "White Light" leaked from the 2010 version a few years back. Supposedly a CD-R of "just shitty demos---only I have the album" was the source according to Adams.

                                                     The Blackhole Saga: A Brief History

The songs were recorded over three sessions (Dec. 2005; Spring 2010; 2012-13). Tom Schick engineered the sessions. Version one was part of a planned trilogy of albums in 2006 that was rejected one-by-one by Lost Highway (Ryan's label at the time). War and Peace (a 28- song solo double LP) and THE CARDINALS' Star Wars album (16 songs leaked on the Ratt Classics II
Version II (2010)

bootleg). Before beginning work on 'Ashes and Fire'; RA wanted to get the album finished now that he had his own label, Pax-Am. Over four years of production had continued with producer Jamie Candiloro and the record was further recorded and overdubbed and finally mastered in early 2010. The album was going to be a pre-order with The Cardinals 
III/IV album recorded in 2006. But it was cancelled.

Ryan with the 2010 version from the record plant.